Speech and Language


Clear Speech

Increase clarity of articulation with the Clear Speech Programme

Clarity of words spoken can enhance and boost a child’s self-confidence. Knowing that they are being clearly understood in turn facilities a child’s keen desire to be an effective communicator.  

When you suspect that your child is having trouble with being understood, you may want to send them for speech and articulation training.


Learn To Play

Speed up language acquisition, cognitive growth, and social-emotional development with Prof. Karen Stagnitti's Learn to Play method.

Designed for children from 3 to 6 years, our Learn To Play group aims to build play skills that are critical for sound language, social, and cognitive development.  Suitable for children who have developmental challenges and require a language boost.


Lego Group

Enhance language and increase developmental skills with the Lego Therapy Programme

Designed with multiple goals to boost language, increase planning abilities, increase perspective taking, and enhance social skills. Children learn to take on different roles, listen and accept different viewpoints, and share information in a fun, creative manner.