What makes us different?

At Thrive Development we offer more than just therapy. At our purpose-built centre your child receives the highest quality of service delivered by our internationally trained experts. We pride ourselves in selecting only evidence-based programmes, supported by science. And, we go the extra mile to ensure your child gets all the supports they need at home and school as well.  


Why Thrive?

Established Service

Thrive is the first Malaysian branch of the well-established Total Communication Therapy group, that has been operational in Singapore for almost 15 years.

Exceptional Care

We pride ourselves on our highest standard of quality, using only the most updated and evidence-based therapies. This means our clients don't waste their time or money on generic or outdated therapies. Our approach to therapy is always holistic, considering the whole child and their strengths as much as their needs. We strongly believe in setting high expectations for our students  as we have found belief in their growth and potential inevitably results in them meeting their targets. What we do works.

Quality Enquiry

One of the most common requests we get is for a thorough assessment process. We offer a comprehensive and rigorous battery of assessments that provides us all the information we need to move forward with effective recommendations. We spend additional time carefully collecting and collating data, as well as analysing the findings, to ensure no small detail is overlooked. This leads to individually crafted therapy programmes, unique to the child in our care.

Effective Treatment

Our past students have emerged from therapy programmes with positive outcomes. Our testimals come families who have seen the benefits of therapy. Whatever the discipline, we track our students' progress over time so families see both the immediate and long term affects across all of their child's settings.

Advanced Education

We are strong supporters of continuing professional develoment. Our therapists stay up to date with the latest training. For many years we have been involved in welcoming university students to our headquarters, supporting trainees from all over the world, most recently Queen Margaret University, Scotland.


Distinction of Training

Our educational services expand to the professional and learning support of teachers in various international schools including United World College South East Asia, the International School of Singapore, Australian International School, and Canadian International School. We provide talks and workshops to educators wishing to improve their knowledge of complex communiction and development disoders. Educators find the mix of practical and theoretical information functional and relevant to their daily roles.

Calibre of Staff

In Penang, we welcome families from all over the country. Our bilingual staff ensure families receive the clearest communication from initial contact to final discharge from services. We offer a trans-disciplinary approach to therapy meaning our staff are upskilled in cross-disciplinary services. As they receive professional mentorships with international affiliates - and within the centre - their skills remain sharp. 

Excellent Resources

No matter the goal, we have the resource to achieve it. One of our luxuries is our exhaustive inventory of tools and materials to support any child's need. Our gold standard therapy resources and assessments are sourced from all over the world and we never compromise on quality. We believe so strongly in the comittment to our children's progress that even if there is only one child who needs a particular resource, we will source it.